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​Fage, a whole life’s work

Château Fage, a 4-star hotel near Saint-Émilion

It is a
Wonderful History

A place of discovery, sharing and passing on
A place of discovery, sharing and passing on

Our History

Château Fage was built in the 19th century and overlooks the La Souloire valley, stretching out with 45 hectares of vines, forests and meadows.

Vines have always been in the place’s DNA, as FAGE has been a wine estate since it was built.

Carole and Yves Glotin became the official owners in October 2015, when the building was in its original state and some rooms in the house were in ruins.

What it would become stems first of all from what Carole and Yves are deeply: altruists.

They very quickly decided to create a place of discovery, sharing, enjoyment and passing on the winegrower’s knowledge on the site, which was just waiting to come alive again.
Much enlightened thought went into restoring the place to its glory, with a hotel and restaurant, making it a place to enjoy and share wine tourism. In 2018, the renovation started.

In 2019, they met Guillaume Sevellec, an expert passionate about the world of hospitality.

He gave new impetus to the project, and fully invested himself in it . Over the past 20 years, Guillaume has been able to bring out the potential of several renowned, refined establishments across France.

Guillaume and his teams worked with Carole and Yves to bring FAGE back to life with hospitality, passion and originality.
A large Family
People are highlighted at FAGE.

We thing that wealth comes from diversity, which is why, beyond the professional attitude of each man and woman who dedicates themselves to FAGE, their personality, passions, and strengths are highlighted, so everyone feels comfortable.

You are right in understanding that the strength of FAGE comes from each person behind it.

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